We are all moved in and allowed to open with Covid 19 protocols in place.

Please come and visit us soon. Lots of parking available and the facility is handicap accessible.

Find our new website as well, all practitioners and Workshop wizards listed with what they offer. 

We do have official opening hours now and offer a small selection of merchandise and local artists goods for sale. Two group spaces available to rent and treatment room space available as well.

As usual you find all events that are happening, also all that are happening online right now, on www.Meetup.com/HolisticGateway

You will find our Virtual Open House on YouTube as well. I posted a Playlist called, heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=virtual+open+house+at+holistic+gateway, that should give you all recorded videos from our practitioners, workshop facilitators and me showing you around. In person the space looks even better.

We also added an online scheduling button which you can use to book appointments.

I am very excited to see everybody back and classes happening in person again.

Wit excitement and Gratitude,

Holistic Gateway store front

A Deep Dive with Venus
Maybe you’ve noticed the lovely bright evening star we’ve had with us for the last ~8 months? That’s the goddess of love and beauty herself, now retreating below the horizon to take a brief ~10-day journey into the underworld to be reborn as the morning star. This event happens every ~1.6 years (last time this happened was Oct-Nov 2018).

Venus’s last day visible at sunset will be around May 30th, and she’ll pop up in the east just before the Sun starting about June 9th as our new bright morning star.

So… in this curiously loaded and complicated time… what new little loves are dawning in your life? What new gentle soul honesty has been catalyzed by this journey in the time of quarantine?

Venus is in Gemini for this cycle of initiation. Last time this same event happened in this same place was ~May to July of 2012. Think back… what reorientations were happening for you in that time? Are there parallels to what you’re experiencing or reflecting on now?

This new light that’s soon rising is asking us to notice the fun parts of life a little more. Where can we cultivate more gentleness and playfulness in our exchanges? We’ve got a lot of big problems to solve, and a lot of hurdles to bravely face in the near future here. Do you think we’ll be better at facing them when we’re cooking with rigid ideas of right and wrong, looking for one-size-fits-all fixes; or do you think we’ll be more effective with our actions when we’re enjoying each step of the journey and learning how to be better, more original collaborators for positive change?

Beauty is rising to reclaim Her throne in our hearts. Maybe Venus’s rise as the new morning star can help us to remember deeper value and beauty in each moment of this confusing and amazing life.

Blessings to you in this time of eye-opening adventure. May more playful and peace-inspiring steps grow clearer on your path now.

Mystic Heart Astrology
To find out more about how to ride the wave of Venus’s upcoming adventure as our morning star, tune in for Saleem’s Cosmic Weather Report for June on Sunday, June 1st from 7 to 9 pm (donations to the awesome cause of Holistic Gateway will be gladly accepted but are not required to attend)
[Link to event]:

Rahjta Ren’s first Sound Healing Journey in the new space 
First Friday every month @ 7pm

Journey within vibrational waves of the Gong into your inner stillness, bringing forth great opportunity for transformational ease, flow and peace. Weaving historically through a vast number of cultures, the gong is an instrument of metamorphosis for ceremony, catalyst for insight as wisdom and inducing healing.

Rahjta is an accomplished musician who over many decades has arrived at seamlessly integrating his subtle and sensitive musicality with utilizing sound as explorations for a shift from intellect to heart. There is a discovery to be made that perceiving, verbalizing and taking action as intellect, can be redirected into perceiving and expressing from within one’s heart. This holds substantially wonderful opportunities for various aspects of transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. It is a practice that promises great fruitfulness.

There is an inherently meditative nature to the gong, which in many ways holds a mysterious aspect as to how it invokes an inner quiet and stillness. A mystical silence as space, a medicinal “doorway” for remembering our true nature which begins as the heart. Rahjta’s focus is for opening pathways to this inner stillness as silence. First quieting the mind, enabling a clarity for coming to see our thoughts and then deepening this practice into expanded awareness of tendencies defining personality. With subtle meticulousness, Rahjta calls into the gong – a remembering of our purest state prior to thoughts, emotions and beliefs. From this pure and untouched state, the ability to identify root causes of life’s accumulated hurtful patterns whether psychological, emotional or physical, is brought to increasing clarity.


Sign up for both Saturday classes and save $10

Guided Sound Bath Meditation (Crystal Singing Bowls)
Saturday, June 20th, 8pm

Guided Sound bath Meditation (Crystal Singing Bowls) facilitated by Sarah Laemmle

1.25 hours

$25/per person

Small group – 6 people

Description: A gift for your parasympathetic nervous system. This Guided Soundbath Meditation is a gentle and effortless way to calm and harmonize your mind and body and enliven your spirit. Better than a warm glass of milk at night; wrap yourself in cozy frequencies and drink in the calming sounds.

Dream Catcher

Dream Group

This group will be meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 7 to 9 PM.

It is an open group but priority will be given to those who commit to regular attendance. The maximum group size is eight including myself.

Cost is $10 – $15 pay the amount you are called.

These are powerful times of transformation. Inviting in deeper knowing through dreamwork is especially relevant as we navigate these times of unprecedented change. We are being called to embody more of our authentic selves. Dreams provide a doorway into uncovering our personal and collective truths.

Patricia Gmeiner
[email protected]

Spring Offerings