Cornelia Elsaesser

Cornelia Elsaesser

Cornelia Elsaesser

Cornelia Elsaesser

Cornelia Elsaesser

Modern Day Alchemist and Master Healer, Transforming Lives using Analytical, Intuitive and a multitude of Therapeutic Methods.

Cornelia is a multi-discipline healer and works with a variety of tools to help you if you are suffering from depression, pain, anxiety, insomnia, or any other form of disease expression. She founded Holistic Gateway in May 2012.

Graduating from the University Hospital in Dusseldorf/Germany as a pediatric nurse in 1985, Cornelia became interested in complementary natural health care while working as a nurse, initially with children and later with the elderly. Her education in naturopathy encompassed both traditional and alternative modalities, herbology, acupuncture, iridology and kinesiology among others, culminating in her certification as a “Heilpraktikerin” (Natural Medical Practitioner) in 1996 in Karlsruhe/Germany.

While seeking an alternative approach to her infant son’s recurrent ear infections, eczema and asthmatic bronchitis, Cornelia stumbled across an Esogetic Colorpuncturist; the treatments worked instantly and she started her education in Colorpuncture just two weeks later. Cornelia takes yearly advanced and update trainings. In 2009, she spent a month working alongside Esogetics founder Peter Mandel at his international clinic in Germany. Cornelia holds a Diploma in Esogetic Medicine from the Mandel Institute for Esogetic Medicine in Germany and has been practicing Colorpuncture in the USA since 2002. She teaches lay classes in colorpuncture as well as a multi-module Professional Certification Training in Colorpuncture for Therapists.

In addition to her healing work, Cornelia has completed many years of astrological mentorship and practices relationship astrology to help couples find their joy.


Some of Cornelia’s therapies she offers are for:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Cancer
  • Common Cold
  • Depression
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Insomnia
  • and many more diseases you suffer from

Membership includes

  • 1 Esogetic Colorpuncture session (60-90 minutes)
  • 2 Induction Therapies
  • 1 Sound Therapy CD (for the client to keep)



  • Initial Session (90-120 minutes):  $125 > Follow-up Session (60-90 minutes):  $90 > Induction Therapy (30-45 minutes): $25
  • Introduction to Esogetic CP Class $290 > Professional 29 day Training Course $3,800
  • Monthly Membership (3-month minimum commitment): $150/per month

Contact Cornelia at 763-807-9866 or email her at [email protected] to schedule your initial session and to find out more.

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Alternative Health Practitioner

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen, owner of My Joy For Life has been a coach and teacher since 1998 working with adults and teenagers. Not only does she teach them any metaphysical topic that you can think of, she also shares her knowledge about yoga, meditation, breathing, and creating a better life for yourself through the Law of Attraction.

In the years 2016 and 2017 she provided several workshops and speaking engagements at the Holistic Gateway and the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, both located in Minneapolis MN.

At this moment, Marielle is offering Hatha Yoga Lessons and Spiritual Workshops For Teenagers and is planning on doing more Metaphysical workshops and spiritual homeschooling projects in the future. If you are interested, please check the Calendar on this website.

Marielle calls herself an Alternative Health Practitioner and she has many services to offer. You can book a single session or a package. If you are interested in the highly affordable combo packages, please connect with Marielle.

The following services are available:

  • Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Private Yoga/Meditation lessons
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Psych-K Sessions
  • Tibetan Bowl Healing
  • Essential Oils Therapy
  • Spiritual Homeschooling Teenagers 11-18 years young

Marielle has always been passionate about helping people in all kinds of ways, next to learning about the newest physics, neuroscience, and the secrets of the Mind and empowering yourself. In her free time, she loves to spend time in nature, reads as many metaphysical books as she can, and travels the world when possible.

If you would like to read more about the services and prices, please check out her website at MyJoyForLife.

Her latest endeavor has been about Spiritual Homeschooling (My Joy For Learning).

If you would like to know more, please contact Marielle or check the page ‘My Joy For Learning’ on her website.

Hatha Yoga Lessons In-Person

Hatha Yoga Lessons

Hatha yoga concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. It uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind.


Hatha Yoga Lessons In-Person

Sound Healing Concert

Join us on a journey of sound, healing, and relaxation as we lead a sound healing session accompanied by Himalayan Singing bowls, claves, drums, and other instruments. We as shamanic healers, energy balancing healers, and Reiki Masters are welcoming you to attend this unique concert at the Holistic Gateway.


Spiritual Workshop For Teenagers

Spiritual Workshop For Teenagers

Being a teenager is not easy. As a teenager, we experience a lot, mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are no other places, other than talking to a therapist, where you can learn to embrace the person you are and things about your emotional and spiritual life. Now there is a place for you, here at the Holistic Gateway.


Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

A Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chelsey Wildfire brings a unique flare of knowledge, spiritual guidance and self-love techniques. She has a background in yoga, embodiment coaching, reiki and women’s circles paired with her traveling and own healing journey. The way she combines energy medicine by using shamanic tools to bring the soul through a journey within and without is powerful yet blissful. Her ability to hold space for large groups through deep ceremony and transformation has been deeply appreciated for many years now.

Her services include Soul Sessions, Women’s Circles, Ceremonies and Coaching. A lot of her work has been based in the feminine, with women’s circles and coaching, however relates to the core of all. Topics she is well versed in are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, and feminine energy. If any of these interest you please book a session or a clarity call with the links below.

Energy Medicine, Ceremonies and Women’s Healing.

Energy Medicine and Soul Sessions

This is a one of a kind healing experience that anchors you into your body, gets into core wounds on subtle energetic levels and the conscious thought process. The sessions include meditation, visualization, reiki/ energy work, sound healing and soul retrieval. Each session is unique to the client but tools used may be essential oils, bells, crystals, singing bowls, feathers and drums. This way the energetic field and physical are both stimulated while Chelsey walks you through healing processes. These sessions help you feel relaxed, grounded, safe, balanced, and refreshed afterwards.

  • 60 minutes for $125
  • 3 sessions for $333

Soul Work Extended Journey

If you are ready for deep inner transformation with weekly coaching calls, Soul Sessions and ceremonies this may be it for you!

Chelsey offers a 3 month program through one’s own darkness and fear, through the flames of self growth into the light of confidence and self-love. Her expertise in embodiment practices, boundaries, magnetism, inner child healing and shame work are just the beginning. If you are ready for a Soul Guide please book a clarity call below to discuss the details.


The power of group work is unexplainable, sharing stories, connecting and seeing that we all are in this together is so important. Chelsey hosts events, workshops and Ceremonies often. Topics covered are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, feminine energy plus much more. Each Ceremony will be centered in love, earth, wind, air and fire to create an interactive experience to guide people deeper on their healing journey. Specific Ceremonies will happen often through events at Holistic Gateway. Personalized options and availability to do for yourself or own group is possible too. Please just reach out for more information and questions.

Hosting Women’s Circles

Each month there will be a gathering of sisters in a safe space to connect, learn and grow. Each circle will have a different theme such as Manifestation, Womb Wisdom, Self-Love, Shadow Work and more.

This space is created to build a strong community of women who can come back to themselves and the divine feminine within them. Having this support system allows such deeper growth and more love to surround you.

Patricia Gmeiner

Patricia Gmeiner

Patricia Gmeiner

Patricia Gmeiner

Patricia Gmeiner

Intuitive Channel

Patricia has been an intuitive channel since 1986. She has 35 years experience as a social worker in the mental health field where she learned the power of creating a safe, compassionate container of non-judgment and deep listening. In 2015, Patricia earned a healing certificate after two years of studying with Rev. Ron Moor.

Patricia’s work includes a variety of modalities; hands-on and hands-off energy work, intuitive guidance, past life regressions, dreamwork and tuning forks.

Patricia’s calling is to facilitate the awakening process helping us to remember the true essence of who we are, whole and love filled. Never before has there been a time when the call has been as loud!

Session Work:

Sessions typically include both face-to-face consultation time and table work, for a total of approximately one hour.

$60/ session (sliding scale available on request)

Group work:

Patricia co-facilitates a monthly low-cost healing share collaborative. Her role is to help create a safe container for the giving and receiving of healing work by those with a variety of levels of experience. Given current concerns about physical safety, the format is needing to be reconsidered. Stay tuned as this has been a highly appreciated group activity!

Patricia will be starting a twice-monthly dream group utilizing the lightning technique developed by Robert Moss a well known shamanic dream teacher. Dreamwork is a longtime passion of hers. Patti looks forward to the deeper exploration of our dreams as a powerful path to embodying more of who we are!

Patricia is also being called to create a death café; an informal gathering for us to discuss the subject of death. Addressing the fear and avoidance of death is something that is front and center in these transformative times. More to come on this as the timing unfolds.

Please feel free to contact Patricia with questions or concerns,

Email Patricia

Holistic Gateway
11 Little Canada Rd E
Little Canada, MN 55117

Upcoming Events

Reva Rasmussen

Reva Rasmussen

Registered Nurse, BSN, MA

I am Reva Rasmussen and it may sound corny but it is just so real – I am called to take care of people. It’s a wonderful calling that summoned me early in life to become a registered nurse and, later in life, to become an EFT practitioner and Reiki healer.

It may be that Centering Prayer started me on the journey of energy healing. The great stillness and the emptying effect of prayer opened me up to explore that which is beyond. I studied Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch. I experienced chakra balance and clearing. I learned Reiki and EFT. All wonderful, energetic healing practices.

The practice of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also called tapping, combines gentle touch with mindful speaking of thoughts and feelings. It is performed by tapping with our fingertips on acupuncture points on the hands, face and body while focusing on an issue we wish to resolve. EFT calms the amygdala structure in the brain which facilitates the release of chemicals bringing us into a restful state.  It’s a safe technique that one can learn and do on oneself anytime or it can be used by a therapist to address deeper, more complicated problems.  It has been shown to be effective for a range of conditions, including job-related stress, weight loss and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reva Rasmussen, a registered nurse, is an EFT practitioner and Reiki healer.  She sometimes combines both in healing sessions.  She practices in person at Holistic Gateway and on Zoom.

EFT tapping model
Reva Rasmussen headshot 2

EFT and Collage Workshop

I’m excited about Aging – or maybe I’m not!

In this fun, 3-hour workshop we will explore the good, bad and beautiful aspects of aging using guided meditation, EFT and collage.

We will begin with a brief guided meditation, then I will lead an EFT session in which we explore how we feel about aging.  Don’t worry if you don’t know Emotional Freedom Technique. It is safe and easy-to-learn self-help tool that releases difficult issues.

Lastly, we will express what we’ve discovered by making a collage.

We will meet in person and masked March 12 at Holistic Gateway Center for Healing Arts, 11 Little Canada Road E, Little Canada, MN 55117

$40 includes collage materials – register and pay in advance to secure your place. Space is limited.