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A distant group healing to Clear & Optimize the Root Chakra (1st Chakra)

February 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST

Monday Evening Group Healings ~ Donation based
VortexHealing Holistic Energy Healing with Colin Snow

Clear & Optimize the Root Chakra (1st Chakra)
Monday February 22nd – 7 to 8:00 p.m

Why are the 6 Chakras so important to your health & wellbeing?

Imagine a car with 6 tires but none of the tires are inflated to the correct tire pressure, in fact some of them are almost flat. The car is not going to function well & the lifespan of the tires is going to be reduced.

The Chakras are essential & complex energetic centers for bringing energy & consciousness into the system. They are very interactive with the external & internal world. The major Chakras in the body sit in a vertical line along the spine. Seen from the side they look like 2 funnels of spinning light with their points connected in the spine. Chakras have their own specific function receiving energy into the system & nurturing the nearby organs.

The first of a series of distant healings for each of the 6 Chakras
The 1st Chakra is also known as the Root Chakra. It is the densest Chakra & is involved with every aspect of your physicality, including your vitality, the survival of the physical body & regulation of the Kundalini energy.
Impeded energy & deep emotional issues in the Root Chakra may manifest as problems in the pelvis, legs, kidneys (adrenal glands), bladder, the base of the skull, all while lowering your level of vitality.

On receipt of your donation a Zoom link for the healing will be sent to you. There are 3 options for your donation. $15 – $20 – $25.00
Places are limited to 11

Use this link to make your donation via PayPal

If you have questions then please reach out
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