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Advanced Energy Maintenance – Recover Health from Post Covid

June 7 @ 7:00 pm - June 20 @ 7:00 pm CDT


Recover Your Health Post COVID

NEW DAY! Moving to Tuesday’s
7-9pm Central / 8-10pm Eastern

> NEW – join weekly @ $30 per session
> $75 Monthly Subscription: Five sessions with lifetime recordings

STARTS Tuesday, June 7 –
and continues 14, 21, 28 & Thur, June 30 (integration)

Are you fatigued? Are your lungs weakened? Is your nervous system shot?
Your body still may be suffering from post Covid syndrome.

Let Universal Source energies evolve your health and wellness as a vital asset to the planet…

Every month, our intentions focus on a key part of the energy anatomy to build strength physically and metaphysically
by clearing the deep patterns of imbalance and toxicities on multidimensional levels.

This month we’re targeting unbalanced and depleted areas affected by POST COVID INFECTION (Long Covid).

Are you suffering from ill health as a result of hidden or lingering Covid symptoms?

For millions of people, the impact on health from catching coronavirus extends well beyond the initial infection period. It’s so common, the experts refer to it as long Covid, with ongoing symptoms which negatively impact your health and wellbeing.

This is your chance to work with Universal energies to strengthen any areas depleted by the infection to feel better and regain health.

Long Covid symptoms include fatigue, breathlessness, enduring dry cough, muscle weakness and brain fog among others.
Rebuild your health, boost the immune system, increase lung health, respiratory health, brain wellness and wherever else Source leads us each week.

> A strong energy system is the foundation for health and well being.
> Every energy system is weakened by conscious and subconscious trauma impacting your bodies ability to heal.
> A vibrant energy system is the only way to hold and embody higher frequencies.
>A vital energy system is the key to navigating a changing earth.

“This session subtly smoothed away some rough edges and untangled knots that were surprising. I feel relaxation in ways and places that I didn’t even know I needed.” – Client Testimonial

Consider these weekly energy sessions as a vital tune-up and tune-in to help balance your energy anatomy. Deep clearing will impact all aspects of your life to…

• Increase vitality
• Rebuild health
• Raise your vibration
• Reduce stress
• Strengthen resilience
• Expand clarity
• Create more flow

Unseen guides in a cosmic interface between worlds assist your journey. We work with Source Intelligence to energetically alchemize, transmute and transfigure blocks that weaken and imbalance you — working at root levels of all realities. Imagine yourself held in a safe and sacred space, bathed in the light of evolutionary energies to strengthen and serve your evolution. The month long focus concentrates the energies seen as essential to transform and embody new visions on the planet.

“Awareness of so many life patterns flooded my mind. Afterword the loving support and recalibrating of the whole body could be felt everywhere! I truly believe huge shifts have happened!“ – Client Testimonial

$30 Individual Session
*$75 Monthly Subscription of five sessions, includes lifetime recording downloads.
>>As a monthly subscription holder you
receive BONUS recordings potent and alive with energy. Everyone is unique in how they hold conditioning, so replay is crucial for deepening the release in dense areas. Listen to them on your own schedule, at your own pace, in the comfort of your home space.

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Payment options:
🔹Square Payments https://square.link/u/da9Z1bwh

🔹Paypal using the link

Your payment reserves your spot, register [email protected]

Aternate digital payment options: ZellPay & Venmo using [email protected]


June 7 @ 7:00 pm CDT
June 20 @ 7:00 pm CDT


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