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Aligning With Awakening

January 8 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am CST

Aligning With Awakening

Saturdays, 9-10:30am Central | 10-11:30 am Eastern

$75 for monthly series
• Five 90 minute sessions with recorded replays and a private Facebook group for dialoguing and insights.

The Earth is in the midst of an accelerated awakening.
Are you seeking to be a part of its transformation by deepening your own inner knowing?

2022 is a year to rewrite, reclaim and transform our truth, health, and inner wisdom. We’re being asked to empower ourselves, find our voice and put action to words in our lives and out in the community around us.

It is the work of our time to awaken to higher levels of consciousness while remaining firmly anchored in the flow of change. Together we have the power to transform the world.

ALIGNING WITH AWAKENING is a monthly subscription service, meeting online weekly. It is advanced, potent and powerful energies to amplify and enhance your spiritual practice: to change yourself and the Earth.

During times of upheaval and change, learning to center in your Core is an immersive practice in letting go and surrender. Every Aligning with Awakening meets in sacred space with cosmic master’s guiding and supporting you to deeper connection.

If you’re willing to dig deep and commit to spiritual practice, you are being called to transform inside and in your outer surroundings. In so doing, you’ll practice recognizing and aligning with your True essence beyond the conditioning of the ego; fearless, free and full of magic, mystery and potential. 

ALIGNING WITH AWAKENING meets Saturday mornings to immerse you in sacred space outside of space/time. This is your chance to experience and gift yourself.  You’ll connect to your personal guide, Cosmic Beings and an awakening Earth eager to provide assistance to help you evolve into your highest potential. This is the Earthwork that’s need to begin the process of widespread change.

Within 90 minutes we…

* Connect in a safe and sacred interface between worlds
* Meet your personal guide serving your energetic needs in the exact way you need 
* A host of Source Intelligence to include Master Guides and Divine Mother Collective assist your evolution. 
* Ground and center into the warmth of the Earth
* Regulate any unstable vibrational patterns out of sync with change
* Relax the stress of living in chaotic times
* Refuel depleted energy tanks
* Revive, refresh and renew your spirit’s True Essence
* Reppatern with blueprints to build personal coherence to higher frequencies
* Connect in morphenegetic waves of harmonic resonance to build collective coherence within the Earth
* Integrate all shifts with you bio energetic Self
Are you ready to begin this year creating the life you want? 

Your cosmic invitation awaits.

Details: http://www.bettehanson.com/group-events.php

Payments: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mdhealing
Or Square: https://square.link/u/da9Z1bwh
Venmo and ZellePay using [masked]