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Break the Cycles Masterclass

March 22 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm CDT

Be the change you wish to see through feminine embodiment and self-love!
What does Break the Cycles even mean?

Feminine Embodiment, what’s that!?
Well let’s dig in!
Let Chelsey Wildfire take you on a journey through your old stories and beliefs into your body and intuition, into your truth and knowing.
We all have a story, a past, pain and fears, and these are what keep us stuck repeating cycles.

Chelsey’s passion to ignite the fire within each woman to remember her worth, release the old stories and embody self-love is here to be spread with you. It’s time to break free of the limitations you or others have placed on you. Learn what it feels like to be in your body, not disassociated or stuck in anxiety. This will be a safe space to explore and be held as you feel again.

� You will learn what embodiment really is and feels like, how it’s the answer to most of your questions!
� How to build self-trust and inner knowing through your body-based decisions.
� What cycles you are stuck in and HOW to change them!
Get ready to feel the support of sacred sisterhood, heal the wounds of the feminine and get inspired to break free of those repeating patterns.

This is for you if,
You feel connected to this or Chelsey and aren’t sure why. (come find out!)
You feel stuck, unworthy and limited. You can’t help but think that the “I’m not enough” or “I’m not worthy” stories keep running your life, money and relationships.

You know that something is holding you back from having the life, relationship and business of your dreams. You are not sure entirely what that is, but you are ready for it to be changed because it’s costing you too much.

Chelsey Wildfire is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Soul Guide and Fearless Leader ,inspiring a global movement of women to ignite their inner flame, reclaim their power, love themselves more and break repeating patterns. Chelsey has a background in yoga, embodiment coaching, reiki and women’s circles paired with her connection to Spirit and her own intuition. The way she combines energy medicine to bring the soul through a journey within and without is powerful yet blissful. Her services include Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Mentorship, Soul Sessions, Women’s Circles and Ceremonies. Topics she is well versed in are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, and feminine energy. Her authentic passion for growth and healing inspires everyone she meets.
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March 22
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm CDT


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