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Deep Issue Work: Healing Root Covid Wounds

June 2 @ 7:00 pm - June 16 @ 7:00 pm CDT

Earthworker Earthworker Series: Deep Issue Work — Getting to the Root of Covid Wounds

Thursday’s 7-9pm Central / 8-10pm Eastern, June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 (Integration)
> Energy Exchange: $45/*$156

> Available individually and as a Monthly Subscription with Lifetime Recorded Replays

*Join the EARTHWORKER Mermbership and get your first month FREE!

There are no unwounded people. It is the biggest issue in the planet. If we want to change ourselves and be a part of a changing world, we must address the trauma within.

Energetic transformation approaches trauma at root levels. From a multidimensional perspective, we create a sacred space of nurturing to help the most closed off and fearful areas, relax and open to receive. We work with your guides and a host of Universal Intelligence (called Source) to transmute wounded issues. Clearing imbalances and blocks this deeply, is the key to shifting out of negative patterns and manifesting potential.

Earthwork is a magical art meeting quantum science principles of healing and embodiment offering an effective and complementary way of approaching trauma healing that truly works.

“I am feeling clearer and lighter today. Spiritually embracing the root cause… That’s what we are doing in the group: taking our most precious parts of ourselves not usually attended to and lovingly removing the obstacles. Allowing these parts to feel cared for and they return to an original blueprint of harmony and health.”

As you clear your karmic and genetic patterns, you begin to awaken to deeper Truth’s. You’re learning to flow and be adaptable; to move through the experiences that life throws at you, with more ease and Grace.

Every month we focus on a specific issue to transform it in weekly sessions that work consecutively to build upon each other in alignment with a theme. In JUNE, it’s an issue getting to the root of healing from Covid

Are you ready to
• clear negative imprints, blocks and imbalances
• awaken to a new reality
• expand your awareness
• join in community
• be the change you wish to see in the world

“I am so thankful that you are continuing this work. I just feel it is what is steering us through all these changes and adjustments we are making to move into the new world being created. I feel so hopeful for human kind and this beautiful planet we share.”

When you become an Earthworker, you join a community of people, meeting online weekly, devoted to their own evolutionary process.

Bette Hanson is a seasoned intuitive channel facilitating a bridge to Source Intelligence in an interface between worlds. Together, we’ll energetically unweave the wounds of fear and trauma in a gentle, sacred process of alchemization. You’ll be met by a personal guide and emissaries of the highest order: Divine Mother Collective, Master Healers, Celestials, Star Lineages, Christ Consciousness, Earth Magic — dedicated to your evolution as it unites with the planets.

Each session follows a proven approach to ground, embrace and regulate, in order to transform dimensional patterns that typically hide or resist clearing.

The benefits can be profound;
• increased health, vitality and wellness
• improved clarity
• less reactive
• reduced stress
responding to life with more peace and calmness
• raised awareness
• awakening an expanded sense of Self

If you are called to a path of transformative inner work to help shift yourself and the Earth from its dense and disempowering elements into one of more harmony, cooperation and peace, or if you just want to better yourself, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, the planet needs our dedication to inner growth.

It all happens online, virtually, every Thursday night of the month from 7-9pm Central. You’re warmly invited to join this growing community of dedicated Earthworker/energy transformers.

> $45 Individual Session
> *$156 monthly series of five 90 minute sessions with lifetime recordings.

>*With your EARTHWORKER Membership your first month series is FREE!

Payment options:
🔹Square Payments https://square.link/u/da9Z1bwh

🔹Paypal using the link

Your payment reserves your spot, register [email protected]

Aternate digital payment options: ZellPay & Venmo using [email protected]


June 2 @ 7:00 pm CDT
June 16 @ 7:00 pm CDT


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