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EFT/ Tapping sessions

July 19, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm CDT

Book your individual session with Reva for a limited time only for a $25 donation. Email Reva about the time you would like to book.

$25 donation
Mondays at Holistic Gateway
Noon to 4 pm

Reva Rasmussen RN
certified practitioner

Email Reva for an appointment:

Emotional Freedom Technique, also called tapping, is an easy-to-learn modality for stress reduction. It is performed by tapping with the fingertips on acupuncture points on the hands, face and upper body while voicing thoughts and feelings we wish to resolve. EFT calms the amygdala structure in the brain and this reduces the release of cortisol and increases the release of oxytocin bringing us into a more peaceful state. EFT is a safe technique that one can do on oneself, or it can be used by a therapist to address deeper, more complicated issues. The reduction of stress has a profound effect on our health. Over 100 clinical studies of EFT demonstrate its effectiveness in improving a variety of conditions, such as depression, pain, PTSD, test anxiety and weight loss.

Because EFT sessions begin by focusing on troublesome, negative feelings, people often worry the negative thoughts will be strengthened, but this doesn’t happen. Acknowledging undesirable thoughts while tapping makes them accessible for removal. Psychologist Dr. Peta Stapleton states it more simply in her book, The Ultimate Tapping Guide, “It is as though we are engaging these negative feelings or sensations just long enough to feel them, then we hit the delete button through tapping.”

Reva Rasmussen, a registered nurse, is an EFT practitioner and Reiki healer. She sometimes combines both in healing sessions. She practices in person at Holistic Gateway and on Zoom all over.