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Energetic Transformation Therapy

October 7, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CDT

Advanced Energetics for Unhealed Trauma and Wellness

Starts Thursday, Oct 7 & continues Oct 14, 21, 28, & Saturday the 30 (integration) (Available as a Monthly Subscription Only)

Energetic Transformation Therapy (ETT) works therapeutically to uproot unhealed trauma from an energetic dimensional aspect.

A seasoned intuitive channel facilitates Source Intelligence to energetically unweave the wounds of trauma and gently, sacredly transform and alchemize them. The benefits can be profound to health, wellness and awakening your awareness to an expanded sense of Self.

Do any of these sound familiar?
• Low sense of self worth
• Putting your own needs aside
• Craving external validation
• Fearing the future
• Resisting change
• Avoiding conflict
• Tolerating bad behavior
• Inability to set boundaries

Unhealed trauma can look like any of the above. We’re living in an unprecedented time of change as the effects of a global crisis has brought the world to a halt like nothing else. At the same time, it’s given us an opportunity to create a greater vision for ourselves and the planet. Multi Dimensional Healing services offer a portal and gateway to the promise of manifesting possibilities and potential by transforming limitations.

There is no going back. Instant relief, or a magic pill isn’t the answer anymore. It takes commitment to be on a transformational path and this work is a potent tool for alchemizing the past pain from trauma and suffering through transforming it at its roots — the complexity of multidimensional layers.

Energetic Transformational Therapy is an answer to a call. I was directed to form this group to offer a magical way to navigate the terrain of unhealed trauma. Through this process, a host of unseen helpers (aka Divine Intelligence) guides you through a series of weekly sessions focusing on different aspects of a complex issue. Transformation is often a confusing and sometimes uncomfortable process, yet, with ETT’s therapeutic focus, you’ll feel nurtured and safe in the sacred space of protection and compassion. Source has shown that this is a crucial part of the formula to getting into your unhealed places that tend to hide, resist or shrink back. This organic but highly effective approach, is what participants say is a welcome and comforting aspect of working with Multi Dimensional Healing’s Devi Earth Magic.

ETT targets the layers of conditioned energy as a signature held in four distinct areas: your current life including childhood, your karmic/past life histories, the intergenerational ancestral memories and the Divine blueprints that dictate the way these multi-layered patterns play out. It is this dimensional approach that is key to profound and lasting transformation that can get results for your unhealed trauma patterns.

Every month we focus on a specific issue to transform it in consecutive sessions that build upon each other. Underlying the trauma, something profound and beautiful is waiting to unfold — an awakening awareness of your True Nature that could not occur unless you confront the limiting beliefs, storylines, misperceptions and distorted reality narratives that block and separate you. As the conditioning unravels, the True Self arises in its authentic and expansive Presence.

This session REQUIRES a signed permission to attend. Please review all the details: https://mailchi.mp/93f4ca26f544/energetic-transformation-therapy


• $136/$156 Monthly Series Subscription includes recorded downloads for replay.(Earlybird discount rate if paid by the 1st of the month)

• $225 Premium Subscription adds a personal 1-1 session. Receive an additional 90 minute personal 1-1 MDH energy session scheduled at your convenience to support your transformation. This deeply discounted session is designed to compliment the series to laser focus on any particular issue that may arise, It is to be scheduled during the subscription month or up to one week following, unless prior arrangements are made.

• $111 Foundational Sessions. If you’ve never participated in ETT Trauma work before, please purchase this package to strengthen, open and prepare your energy system for deeper work.

*Payment secures your spot.
Earlybird discount rate by 1st of the month

A signed permission is required with registration. New subscribers email [masked] for client form.

If you are consulting with a therapist, it is recommended to receive written permission before participating.
It is highly recommended that you go through the March Foundational Sessions as a prerequisite.

*MDH takes PayPal, Venmo & ZellePay (see individual applications using [masked] for payment Email [masked] for discounted early bird and packaged rates.

DISCLAIMER: All fees are due and payable along with a signed client form is required prior to release of the recordings. All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. Payment for MDH services is for time shared and not results. It is not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or trauma therapy.