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Energetic Transformation Therapy

January 6 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST

Advanced Energetics for Unhealed Trauma Blossoming into Wellness

Thursday’s 7-9pm Central
$156 Available as a Monthly Subscription Only

Starts Thursday Jan 6
and continues Jan 13, 20, 27 and Monday the 31 (integration)

Energetic Transformation Therapy (ETT) works therapeutically to uproot unhealed trauma in a sacred space working with cosmic guides and Master Healers of the highest order. You’ll feel divinely nurtured and safe while shifting deep patterns of discomfort.

A seasoned intuitive channel facilitates Source Intelligence to energetically unweave the wounds of trauma and gently, sacredly transform and alchemize them. The benefits can be profound: increased health, wellness and awakening your awareness to an expanded sense of potential and possibility.

It’s a fundamental aspect of human nature to grow, and expand in fulfilling ways and make a positive difference in the world. The Energetic Transformation Therapy journey reveals the fullness of our potential. Essentially, it takes us from fear, separation, and limitation to love, connectedness, peace and expanded awareness.

Each of us is challenged to open to the Infinite in a dance of releasing resistance, surrender and discovery. As the process unfolds, your true essence arises beyond ego and fear. In this space of the freedom and knowing, you come alive with potential and possibilities.

In an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change, it’s giving us an opportunity to create a greater vision for ourselves and the planet. if your committed to a path of discovery, Energetic Transformation Therapy is a portal and gateway to transforming your limitations into possibility and potential.

We’ll travel to a magical interface between worlds to navigate the terrain of limitation and imbalance. Through this process, a host of unseen helpers (Source Intelligence) guides you through a series of sessions focusing on a themed pattern. With ETT’s therapeutic focus, you’ll feel nurtured in the sacred space of compassion. Its a crucial part of the formula to relax into the places that tend to hide, resist or shrink back. This organic but highly effective approach is what participants say is a welcome and comforting aspect of working with Multi Dimensional Healing.

The ETT difference is in targeting the DIMENSIONAL layers of conditioning as a vibrational signature that’s held in four distinct areas:

1. your current life including childhood
2. your karmic/past life histories
3. the intergenerational ancestral memories
4. The Divine blueprints that dictate the way these multi-layered patterns play out.

It is this dimensional approach that is key to profound and lasting benefit that again and again gets proven results in transforming negative patterns.

*$156 ETT MONTLY SUBSCRIPTION: You’ll receive (5) five 90+ minutes of advanced energy with recorded replay downloads on your device. They are proven useful for repeated replay to deepen the process and use as needed and guided. CAUTION: The recordings are alive with energy and are as potent and energetically detoxing as in person — use them wisely with discernment, discretion and integration. Do not over do it. The live sessions and recordings are as impactful as 1/1 healing work. ($750 value)

*a signed client permission form is required to participate.

ETT BONUS #2: All monthly subscribers have access to a private Facebook group to share insights and offer feedback.

$156 **FOUNDATIONAL PREPARATION: If you are new to advanced energetic work and trauma specific clearing, it is advised to start your Multi Dimensional Healing journey with the FIVE 90 Minute Foundational Series recorded replays. These group sessions clear trauma in key areas of the energetic anatomy to create a more stable foundation for deeper clearing. They are often referred to in groups and participants return to them for support. The March Foundational Sessions are available for purchase at a discounted rate to encourage preparation before joining future ETT sessions. ($750 value)

It all happens online, virtually every Thursday night of the month from 7-9pm Central. You’re warmly invited to join this growing community of energy transformers.

Details to join: http://www.bettehanson.com/group-events.php

$156 Payment via: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mdhealing
• Square: https://square.link/u/da9Z1bwh
• Venmo and ZellePay using [masked]