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Energetic Transformation Therapy, Advanced Energy for Trauma

July 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CDT

ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION THERAPY — Advanced Energetics for Trauma and Wellness

Energetic Transformation Therapy works together with a seasoned intuitive, your guides and Source Intelligence to energetically transform the deepest wounds of trauma issue by issue.

How many of you are feeling the affects of unresolved trauma either consciously or unconsciously?

How many of you are facing life changing transitions and overwhelmed or helpless? 

How many of you are just spinning your wheels after trying everything to unstick yourself?

All too often, you look for instant relief rather than put in the long-term work. Trauma didn’t happen overnight and it takes consistent effort to transform the complexity of its layers. Now, imagine Divine Intelligence guiding you through the confusion, nurtured and feeling safe in sacred space of protection and compassion to target your deepest places of fear. This compassionate filled approach, is what participants say is the primary therapeutic benefit of working with Multi Dimensional Healing, guided by Source Intelligence.

Quoting trauma specialist Dr. Gabor Mate’, “Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happens to you.”. In this regard, Energetic Transformation Therapy targets the inner conditioning of trauma as a repressed energy signature held not only in your childhood, but also in the patterns of your karmic/past life histories and as intergenerational ancestral memories. Divine blueprints dictate the way these multi-layered patterns play out. It is this dimensional approach that is key to profound and lasting transformation that gets results. In month five of introducing this work, the response has been beyond any expectation… 

“I was crying and releasing tightness in my left hip for most of the session. …and yesterday I showed up like I have never shown up before. I felt very aligned with my truth – saying what needed to be said with kindness and compassion and not being judgmental or anxious about the response or reaction. Everything just flowed with love, so thank you for offering this trauma release work! I know it’s transforming me. “

“I am amazed how much lighter I feel. It’s like I was walking around engulfed in a dark cloud and now it is gone. … The difference it’s made in my life is really accelerating the healing process.”

“Doing this work has brought me into a place in my life where I can face difficult life situations and feel strong enough to work through them.”

Every month we focus on a specific issue to transform it in consecutive sessions that build upon each other. Underlying the trauma, something profound is waiting to unfold — a transformation that could not occur unless we confront the limiting beliefs, storylines, preconceptions and narratives that block and disempower us.  As our conditioning is unraveled, we reveal the True Self waiting to arise in its authentic and expansive Presence.

Past month themes include the foundational trauma release for stability, safety, grief, chronic stress and indications are July may focus on Frozen Emotion/Trauma. These sessions are surrendered listening and thus the theme and direction are 100% Source guided. We find out together where the Divine is leading us as we enter a magical chamber filled with mystical support in a variety of forms of light and love to serve our evolution as it ties into the Earth’s greater transformation. They are both inextricably linked. 

Our world is waiting for us to develop into a new way of being on this amazing planet we share with one another and with all of nature. Yet the majority remain walking wounded. Repressed trauma is at epidemic levels. Our culture and society revolves around it. Many are waking up and needing help to deepen their awakening to their ultimate potential, yet feeling lost in their wounds. Every week we allow Source Intelligence to align our awareness with transformation. This work invites you into awakening your dimensional reality, infinitely interconnected to everything — to embody your divinity as a human Being, more free and living in Truth. 

Join experienced guide Bette Hanson traveling to an interface between worlds to therapeutically unwind your deepest blocks and energy imbalances and alchemize it back to balance in the nurturing space of love. With thousands of hours of intensive training VortexHealing® Divine Therapy rising to the most advanced levels, thousands of hours of client practice in energetic transformation, and her own personal journey, she brings extensive experience and knowledge of awakening from untruth into truth. 

EARTHWORK: Healing personal and collective trauma is one of the most pressing problems facing humanity today.The real task ahead is to successfully resolve self-perpetuating patterns of trauma seen and unseen. If we can heal these wounds, we will have the opportunity to become a healthier, balanced part of the awakening Universe, bringing harmony and healing to the divisions and polarizations unconsciously driven by past traumas. As we clear trauma, we awaken to our authentic nature and new ways of higher-level awareness await you to support the cultivation of a compassionate, and connected way of life. Your potential awaits you. 

All this is accomplished feeling loved, accepted and nurtured throughout, served by a personal guide(s) and multitudes of Divine beings, master healers, intergalactic ambassadors, celestials and Avataric expressions therapeutically attending your transformation process.

DIMENSIONAL TRANSFORMATION: Unbeknownst to you, there may be energetic layers from childhood trauma and life events that are linked to circumstances from our karmic (past life) and ancestors (and their ancestors in turn) negative experiences during lifetimes long past. These imprints persist outside the realm of our conscious awareness. Their lingering vibration exists as signature patterns conditioned in our subconscious and dimensional anatomy powerfully influencing our emotions, reactions, behaviors, and choices. Some incarnational and genetic influences carry profound effects that we naturally hide or resist. Systematically addressing the conditioned resistance is key in transforming separation into wholeness.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: As a general rule, be open to receive whatever arises. It is a helpful exercise to stay awake and aware, be curious and open to letting go of expectation and judgment. Stay open. Whatever happens during a session is exactly what it should be. Detoxing symptoms can come up emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually and you should be prepared with tools of your own or seek auxiliary support to assist you.

ADMIN NOTE: This is advanced energetic work that requires signed permission and additional support should this bring up imbalances.

It all happens online meeting virtually every Thursday night of the month from 7-9pm Central. Here’s how you can join this growing community of transformers.

For more details visit http://www.bettehanson.com/group-events.php or email [masked]