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Energetic Transformation Therapy for Trauma

March 4, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST

Weekly every Thursday @ 7-9pm CST

We’re living through extraordinary times full of overwhelm and uncertainty challenging the most courageous of us. We can all use help. As an energetic facilitator specializing in transformation and facing my own trauma in the midst of a pandemic, Source answered with a magical process to support the transformation of trauma, turning pain into power and adversity into strength. Energetic Transformation Therapy (ETT) was created to serve a greater need for trauma recovery.

You’re invited to join me weekly online. Energetic Transformation Therapy targets trauma in a month long focus, unraveling the layers as guided by Source Intelligence. Together we’ll enter a sacred chamber filled with divine beings dedicated to your evolution. Its therapeutic focus follows a proven protocol of dimensionality pointed at the root of your deepest fear issues. This expansive depth is key to unveiling the hidden stories of your karmic and genetic history for release while feeling safe, nurtured and supported. Each 2 hour session builds upon the next with the final group focused on integration and energy health maintenance.

ETT arose for you to work through trauma in the comfort of a group as an energetic invitation to explore and discover your true nature filled with potential and possibility on the other side of darkness.

Transformation practice is hard, joining together makes it easier supported by a team of Source Intelligence to transmute fear and open to health and wellness. Up to 1000 Divine ambassador’s, galactic emissaries, Avataric expressions, celestials and mystical, magical earth beings serve you in a portal of sacred space.

It all starts on Thursday March 4, 7-9pm CST and continues through the next 3 Thursday’s of the month. You receive recordings of each plus a bonus session dedicated to the important step of integration and energetic maintenance. That’s five 2 hour sessions for less than the typical cost of one personal session.

Each and every session is different, depending on theme, content and directed guidance deconstructing the toughest to reach places in your energetic anatomy. This is truly multidimensional energy work of therapeutic proportion that shifts blocks with seeming ease and builds coherence with an awake, aware and consciously peaceful existence. Imagine being more present, alive and open hearted again.

Your personal transformational journey is tied to the greater collective, aiding the planetary shift in raising conscious awareness. It’s humbling yet courageous work.

Subscribe to the month long series with accompanying recording downloads of each session that are just as energetically powerful as the live sessions. The replays lead to deeper movement of complex issues. The recordings can be listened to multiple times as guided. They are for future personal use only and energetically detoxing — please use them with caution and do not over do it.

You also have the option to choose a premium subscription adding a personal session at a discounted rate for extra 1-1 attention on any issue that may arise during the month.

Written permission is required to register as the transformative process may result in individual symptoms arising as a result of this work. Transformation is meant to create changes which can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It is recommended that you have additional support while participating. This is not meant as a substitution for other trauma therapies and can be a wonderful compliment to any and all other transformation practices.


$136 Monthly Series Subscription includes recorded downloads for replay.
*$225 Premium Series Subscription adds a personal 1-1 session.
• Payment secures your spot.
• Written responsibility agreement with signed permission required with registration.

*Upgrade to a Premium Subscription with an additional 90 minute personal 1-1 MDH energy session scheduled at your convenience during the month to support your transformation. This deeply discounted session is designed to be a compliment to the series and is thus limited to within the month or up to one week following, unless prior arrangement is made.

Your payment reserves your spot:
$136 monthly or $225 premium subscription

• PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mdhealing (please add 4% PayPal surcharge).
• Venmo: @Bette-Hanson
• ZellePay: [email protected] or ‪215-356-9365‬
Please include the name of the service you are ordering, your full name AND contact email with payment.

Upon receipt an email with links to connect to the GoToMeeting video/teleconference will be sent separately.

All fees are due and payable prior to event. All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. It is not a substitute for medical evaluation or treatment.


I have been doing Multidimensional Trauma Therapy with Bette Hanson for the last two months. I have diagnoses of complex PTSD, anxiety, and clinical depression. Over the years I have tried DBT counseling, EMDR, traditional psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy and Healing Touch. While each of these modalities has been helpful in my healing journey, my work with Bette is much different. I have experienced a receptive state of seemingly effortless flow to strengthen what needs strengthening, build what needs building, take away what no longer serves and bring what is ready for healing to the surface so that I can work with it. Each session brings new surprises and a deeper understanding of what the roadblocks are that have been holding me back. I have noticed a gradual shift in my mood–like my baseline has become higher. I would highly recommend this healing technique.

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu — May Peace Prevail

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