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Energetic Transformation Therapy

May 6, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CDT

We are on month three of a dedicated community of folks working together with Source Intelligence to energetically transform the deepest wounds of trauma and the response has been phenomenal.

“I am amazed how much lighter I feel. It’s like I was walking around engulfed in a dark cloud and now it is gone. … The difference they have made in my life …are really accelerating the healing process.”

“Although we weren’t physically together during the sessions, I felt Bette energetically by my side every step of the way, as a loving connection & witness to the Divine Source.”

How many of you are in a dark night if the soul with symptoms like anxiety, depression, despair and hopelessness?

How many of you are facing life changing transitions of jobs or relationships ending, loneliness or overwhelm?

How many of you are just spinning your wheels after trying everything to unstick yourself?

All too often, you look for instant relief rather than put in the long game work. What if you had Divine Intelligence to guide you through the confusion of darkness and into the light?

Underlying the darkness, something profound is waiting to unfold — a transformation that could not occur unless we confronted the limiting beliefs, storylines, preconceptions and narrative blocks that disempower us.

Travel with seasoned energy specialist Bette Hanson to an interface between worlds, where unseen helpers therapeutically transform your trauma and alchemize it back to balance. This dimensionally deep work can help you reach your own sacred potential with the power of love.

Energetic Transformation Therapy (ETT) came forward in 2020 as an answer to help YOU and the planet navigate through extraordinary times of uncertainty. Mining the darkness is a co creative dance where we examine meaning through a blend of surrender, self accountability, and awakening.

In this modern day mystery school approach the mystics offer the road map to transform fear consciousness, transmute old pain, transfigure the bodymind and realign our spirit. You’ll feel safe, nurturing and protected in a womb like atmosphere of compassion and Grace.

This is next level Earthwork. One persons healing affects the whole of the planet as we unweave personal and ancestral karma. If enough of us pursue and master transformation, we can serve as grounded, fierce and tender shepherds for the rest of humanity.

A transformation practice is hard, but with ETT, its made easier as we support each other through the process. Each week, more and more of the layers drop away as new blueprints replace old patterns with newfound clarity, and balance. Every 2 hour session builds upon the next and the month long commitment allows time to explore, unravel and integrate the complexity of trauma issues. You’ll feel taken care of as your own personal emissary ushers you through each phase of a sacred chamber filled with divine beings dedicated solely to your therapeutic progression and evolution. Up to 1000 other master healers, Avataric expressions, celestials, galactic emissaries, and magical earth beings work individually with you in a portal interface between worlds.

Every session is different as directed by guidance reaching in to transform genetic and karmic conditioning as it best suits the groups progress. This is your chance to more effortlessly through the changes needed to be more present, alive and open hearted again. It’s humbling AND courageous work.

It all happens every Thursday night of the month from 7-9pm Central. Participants receive download recordings, proven useful for repeated replay to deepen the process at a cost LESS than one personal 1-1 energy session.

Recordings are yours to use as needed and guided. They are for personal use only. Please do not share them. It is potent and energetically detoxing — use them with discretion and do not over do it.

All monthly subscribers have access to a private Facebook group to share insights and offer feedback. You also have the option to choose a premium subscription that adds a personal 1-1 session (at a discounted rate) for focused attention during the month.

NOTE: This is transformative work that involves shifting energy that may incite symptoms. *A signed responsibility agreement is required to register. No exceptions. Transformation is meant to create change which can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It is recommended that you have additional outside support while participating. ETT can be a wonderful compliment to any and all other therapeutic practices.

*New participants please email [masked] to request a client consent form.


❇️$136/$155 Monthly Series Subscription includes recorded downloads for replay. (Earlybird discount rate if paid by the 1st of the month)

❇️$111 March Foundational Sessions. Highly recommended as a prerequisite to better prepare yourself for ETT (or any) trauma work.

❇️$225 Premium Series Subscription adds a personal 1-1 session. Receive an additional 90 minute personal energy session scheduled at your convenience during the month to support your transformation. This deeply discounted session is designed to compliment to the series and is thus limited to the month or up to one week following unless prior arrangement is made.

* Payment secures your spot.
* A signed permission is required with registration. New subscribers email [masked] for client form.
* If you are consulting with a therapist, it is recommended to receive their written permission before participating.
* It is highly recommended to go through the March Foundational Sessions as a prerequisite.

• PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mdhealing (please add 4% PayPal surcharge).
• Venmo: @Bette-Hanson
• ZellePay: [masked] or ‪[masked]‬

[Please include the name of the service you are ordering, your full name AND contact email with payment.]

Upon receipt an email with links to connect to the GoToMeeting video/teleconference will be sent separately.

DISCLAIMER: All fees are due and payable prior to event. All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. MDH is for entertainment purposes and not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or trauma therapy.

More Testimonials:

“I have been doing Multi Dimensional Energetic Trauma Healing with Bette Hanson for the last two months. I have several trauma related diagnoses. Over the years I have tried many modalities in my healing journey. My work with Bette is much different… I’m in a more receptive state with Bette using her expertise to strengthen what needs strengthening, build what needs building, take away what no longer serves and bring what is ready for healing to the surface so that I can work with it. Each session brings new surprises and a deeper understanding of what the roadblocks are that have been holding me back. Little by little, (this work) has been chipping away at these. I have noticed a gradual shift in my mood–like my baseline has become higher. I would highly recommend Multi Dimensional Healing sessions.”

“When I signed up for my Energetic Transformation Therapy sessions I wasn’t sure if they were going to be scary, drumming-up past traumas I didn’t want to remember. But that wasn’t the case. Bette was there every step of the way! Truths of self-love, divine self-reliance, creation and infinite peace were unearthed gems of awareness if I chose to let them sparkle and aid me. Vivid dreams and some intense physical sensations arose during some of my sessions, but it all made me stronger. Ultimately causing me to want and know more – allowing the stories to unravel versus staying in stuck patterns forever. It was energetic therapy in the most gentle, loving and limitless way.”

“Having worked with Bette for several years in both group and private sessions, I jumped at the opportunity to specifically confront decades-old trauma from loss of a family member. After the sessions, I have had greater peace in my life, & also new job opportunities presented themselves, no coincidence in my opinion!!”

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu — May Peace Prevail

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