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Healing the Father Wound in the Body

September 6 @ 7:00 pm - September 20 @ 7:00 pm CDT


Monthly Series meets Tuesday’s
7-8:30pm Central / 8-9:30pm Eastern

STARTS Tuesday, Sept 6 –
and continues 13, 20, 27 & Thur 29 (integration)

Let Universal Source energies advance your health and wellness to enhance your Earthworker capabilities…

• A strong energy system is the foundation for health and well being.
• Energy systems are weakened by conscious and subconscious trauma.
• A vibrant, healthy energy system hold’s and embody’s the resonance of higher frequencies.
• A vital energy system is the key to navigating a changing earth.

Every month, a concentrated focus on a key part of the energy anatomy will help you physically and metaphysically enhance your health and energetic wellbeing by clearing the dimensional patterns of imbalance, dis-ease and toxicity. The proper balance and regulation of our flow of life is an important part of embodiment. It’s important not only to the health of the body and mind, but, as an Earthworker, EVERY session impacts the the health of the wellbeing of collective humanity..


Underneath the mother wound is the root of the pain. The Father Wound, is not merely about a distant, abusive or absent Father figure; it is the repetitive conditioning from the pain inflicted on our parents from lifetimes of living in a patriarchal society. A patriarchal culture takes us away from the collaborative union of equals and into a competitive, materialistic and power oriented environment. Our sensitive Mothers and Fathers suffered under toxic rule and had to adapt to in dysfunctional ways, passing it along to their children, where we continue the cycle until we break free.

Transforming intergenerational trauma and parental conditioning is an important and fundamental shift in your personal lives and the collective humanity around us. It create’s the kind of freedom inside that allows your true and authentic self to open and thrive.

Clearing parental patterns is some of the deepest work you’ll ever do. It is also some of the toughest because of the depth and expanse of conditioning imprinted and interwoven in…
• your psyche
• environmental upbringing
• genetics
• inherited intergenerational trauma
• issues you share
• karmic programming
• your cultural surroundings
• and more…

The Father Wound is the pain rooted in dysfunctional relationships that’s passed down from generation to generation.
When left unresolved, we pass on the wounds our ancestors failed to heal; the toxic and oppressive beliefs, ideals, perceptions and choices about ourselves, others, and all of life itself as influenced by a dominant male culture.

Living in patriarchal cultures has had a profound effect on us all contributing to self doubt, safety issues, unworthiness, intimacy, mistrust — however Source guides us.

Join Multi Dimensional Healing’s Earthworker Series: Advanced Energetics to transmute and alchemize the physical aspects of how you carry the pain of the Father Wound in your body as guided by Source.

If your body carries the pain of generations, let Divine consciousness of Universal Energy help rebuild your health, wellness and confidence from unhealed intergenerational wounds. The nurturing space of Divine grace makes the process easier.

From experience, the investment you make in your own inner growth, is sure to be worthwhile in creating sovereignty to live a more authentic, confident and true life.



✅$30 – Join any individual session
>>>>> BUY NOW https://www.bettehanson.com/purchase.php

✅$75 — Five 90 minute sessions and lifetime recordings
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✅$199 — Special BONUS Offer: 30 Day Energy Immersion — 16 Hours of advanced evolutionary energy meets Tue’s, Thur’s & Sundays to clear the body, issues and what prevents you from being present — with lifetime recordings.

You do not have to be present to receive the attunements, alchemical codes, downloads and shifts.
>>>>> LEARN MORE: https://mailchi.mp/981dd5e67098/father-wound

For a more intensive, accelerated and transformative experience join the 30 day immersion.

❇️ Email [email protected] for details to register


September 6 @ 7:00 pm CDT
September 20 @ 7:00 pm CDT


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