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Heart-Centered Awareness: Sound Invoking Silence

June 5 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

First Fridays At Holistic Gateway!

Heart-Centered Awareness:

Sound Invoking Silence


A 60 minute immersion into the
sonic expanse of
gong and wood flute

1415 6th St NE
Minneapolis, MN


Calm your work week by coming into
soft, relaxing, inner stillness

Vibration as stress reduction –
A peaceful

Guided meditation / visualization
going inward,
discovering our infinity

Return to knowing an essential nature of
ease, flow and creativity

Embrace and nurture
dissolving that which
is obscuring this
self-radiant presence,


“We are born from a quiet sleep,
and we die to a calm awakening”
– Zhuangzi

“Music of the Spheres”
The Sound of the Abstract
– Inyat Khan

The world is a projection of the “i” who sees it
– Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

We will follow strict guidelines for Covid 19 and all participants need masks and to assure a 6′ distance the participation is limited to 9 people beside Rahjta. Thank you for your consideration.

Rahjta Ren


Holistic Gateway Healing Arts
11 Little Canada Road East in Thunder Bay Mall
Little Canada, mn 55117 us