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August 15 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CDT


Patricia Beck, Certified Walking in Your Shoes Facilitator
What is Walking-in-your-Shoes (WIYS)?

Walking-In-Your-Shoes is an empathic way of knowing a topic or person deeply. WIYS integrates empathy, mindfulness, embodied knowing, intuitive movement and somatic resourcing.
The Walker states an intention to explore a person, topic or any subject and then physically moves or Walks,/walks in the space allowing empathy, intuition, and “spontaneous wisdom” to manifest new body-centered awareness. and information not otherwise available to one’s consciousness. The Walker will be guided through a series of Exploration Questions throughout the walk to deepen the exploration. Source: Journal of Humanistic Psychology 1993
What is the origin of WIYS?
This mind/body process was founded in the late 1980s by psychologist John Cogswell PhD and actor/director Joseph Culp, and developed over two decades.
The [email protected] practice has been concentrated in psychotherapy, trauma reprocessing, creative arts, conflict resolution, life coaching, and self-psychology for over 25 years. Categories of focus include family systems, interpersonal relationships, health, disease and recovery, creativity, business and work, ancestors, archetypes, project planning, life goals and transitions, trauma and healing.
What can a participant expect in a Walk?

Under the guidance of a Certified facilitator, a client may ask for clarity or about a life theme or personal subject.
The designated Walker tunes into the empathic empathy wisdom of the body through movement, describing in detail—both physically and verbally—the insights he/she intuitively receives.

The Walker can explore the inner experience, life themes, obstacles, and core issues of any client, person or subject. The client may do the Walk for themselves or ask another to Walk for them. Walking allows you to see and directly access inner gifts and assets as well as obstacles or patterns to be tempered or transformed.

Walking helps you break out of limiting self-concepts of what is possible. You can then turn toward the the deeper natures of love, acceptance, and compassion, as well as invite new resources and missing experiences that can be transformative.

[email protected] Institutes are currently located in U.S. and Germany