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MDH FREE Equinox Energy Immersion

September 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CDT

This Fall season let’s meet together in sacred space to surround ourselves in the Grace of our greater potential.

The Autumn Equinox is a day out of time when veils are thin and primed for change. While the Equinox Gateway is open, we’ll call upon Divine guidance and let it lead us to where and what we most need to balance the dissonant vibrations within ourselves and the collective consciousness of the planet — to make way for abiding in the resonance of Peace.

Join Multi Dimensional Healing in an Energy Immersion, an interface of potential between worlds. This group field is the exact kind of energetic support we need to shift out of old patterns and open to our authentic nature. Benefits include:
> regulate jangled nerves
> relax tense muscles
> recharge depleted energies
> restore balance by clearing patterns of discord and disharmony
> reclaim your alignment to Truth

In this 90 minute online session you’ll be facilitated by a seasoned, intuitive holistic channel following a multi dimensional protocol of phases intimately designed to prepare you for deeper shifts feeling safe and nurtured along the way. Dimensional ‘stories’ of karmic and genetic patterns are exposed, clearing away the density of conditioning that blocks greater awareness of your infinite Self.

Everything in nature seeks balance, and I am honored to be of service to help you awaken your true nature as a Divine being embodied in human form.

BIO: Bette Hanson is a seasoned intuitive channel of higher consciousness to balance and alchemically transform energy on dimensional levels. Studying and training in VortexHealing® since 2006, Bette has completed 1400+ hours advancing to the highest level (AtD+/MI+). Certified practitioners complete an intensive series of spiritually and technically expansive training based in awakening and advanced awareness development. The protocol, training and tools are continuously upgraded. In 2012, the Divine Mother reawakened her access to the Mother Tree of Truth, which has evolved into Devi Earth Magic, a nexus point of healing. Here you’ ll access a sacred portal balancing energies of Truth supported by Divinity of the highest order. It’s ultimate purpose is to evolve and awaken the collective by transforming what is untrue. Dedicated to truth, the lineage of VortexHealing is an ideal compliment to this work.

May our time together immersed in energy be blessed with Divine Grace in the highest and best interest of you, your loved ones, all the planet and indeed, all the Universe to help awaken our interdependent connection to ALL that is.

Click the link below to register to get additional phone dial in numbers and to receive your recorded replay: