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MDH Virtual Group Energetic Healing to Reduce Fear

April 16, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm CDT

MDH Virtual Group Energetic Healing to Reduce Fear — Complimentary , RSVP required to attend: [email protected]

DATE: Thursday, April 16, 6:30-8pm CDT

(Suggested $5 Energy Exchange Donation to Minneapolis Eastside Neighborhood Services, Metro Food Program Emergency Relief Fund Link: https://www.esns.org/donate )

The world as we know it has changed and we have the opportunity to play our part in helping it transform. When we meet our uncertainty through the upheaval and isolation we have a choice; we can either contribute to a fear based atmosphere or empower ourselves through it. Our regular calming practices may not be enough the negativity bombards us. This energetic group healing joins us together to help you relax, recharge, clear toxic patterns and reconnect with your Divine Nature Practicing self-care and gathering together to support well-being and harmony is crucial for a world in transition. We are all in the midst of transformation, called to stop, slow down, see the toxic imbalances, purge them and to remember what is most important; to deepen our connection with Love

Facilitated by a seasoned healer, this session works on dimensional levels to energetically recharge your immune system and soothe stress and strain by helping you align with the safety of your Higher Power that’s always present. We work with Divine guides to clear dissonant patterns of fear that weakens immunity and disconnects you from Source. To end, you’ll realign with peace, balancing equanimity, to bring in the vibrational calmness that adapts to change with ease and Grace and feel your heart open to send it out to the planet as a unifying blessing.

Multi Dimensional Healing (MDH) practices have evolved with the times to serve humanity in crisis — specializing in transforming unresolved fear wounds of ancient trauma. It targets the hardest to reach places, the unconscious (unseen) conditioning hidden within our personal experience and in the karmic and genetic lineages that with the collective reality as we know it.

Each MDH group field creates a safe and sacred container of Divine Grace to transform vulnerable patterns in a protective, nurtured environment. It is a courageous invitation to awaken your connection to your Divine nature — the formless, timeless eternal now. If this calls to you, I am honored to serve.

For info on other FREE weekly group healings and personal 1-1 healings by donation, visit BetteHanson.com

??????Here’s what people are saying:

“Oh my, that was very deep and powerful. it shook me, made me nauseous, disappeared me, and blissed me out. Thank you for your beautiful facilitation. I think we must have had a wonderful collection of particular Energy Fields, because we moved a LOT of Energy through the collective. …you did a great job, while helping us feel safe and sound. It was a delicate dance, nicely done!

~ Sherry Serra, Seattle, WA

BIOGRAPHY: Bette Hanson is an intuitive channel of higher consciousness certified at the highest levels of *VortexHealing® Divine Energy and naturally gifted with Ma Satya, Tree of Truth, a nexus point of alchemical healing to balance and transform Truth. Since 2006, she’s amassed thousands of hours of awakening-based, professionally intensive training and serves clients throughout the world. In the USA, she facilitates healing immersion group events and offers home/space clearing and personal healing’s remotely or in person, following a calling to serve the Divine awakening of the planet and humanity.

*“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved.

Bette Hanson

Holistic Energy Practitioner
Multi Dimensional Healing
Certified VortexHealing® MI
[email protected]