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Multidimensional Energetics

May 4, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CDT

Post lockdown, we’re discovering just how crucial self care is for handling stress. With Multidimensional Energetics you’ll systematically transform your energetics on physical and metaphysical levels of dense negative patterns, with profound results. A monthly commitment allows for more targeted work on key areas locked in limiting beliefs and old narratives.

In May, the indication is, we’ll be focused on the heart and lungs to include the spiritual heart and heart chakra. The April series energetically cleared the major organs: kidneys, liver, stomach and brain. They each received a full session worth of focused intention and attention with much success.

“I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been removing so much just in the last few weeks. Although it has been difficult it has been beautiful. Last night’s {work on the brain} was amazing.”

When we feel energetically balanced, the body is more relaxed, we think clearer and flow better with chaos and conflict. If you’re grounded and centered, you can handle any crisis or influx of vibrational change. An unbalanced body ages more rapidly, breaks down more easily and loses control emotionally. Organ function is disrupted, and there’s an overall tightness, heaviness, and stress penetrating our frame, thinking and spirit.

With *multidimensional* energy approach we’ll up-level the common areas you’re familiar with in both a broader and more in depth way. We’ll deeply open, clear and strengthen key components as well as the often missed and less familiar subtle aspects of your energy system.

This comprehensive approach is what makes the difference in lasting health and wellness.

Multidimensional Energetics came forward as an answer to a call and need. We meet virtually and utilize the group field in an all-encompassing energy immersion reaching all levels of reality.

Each week is a unique and powerful experience. You’ll travel with experienced, evolutionary channel Bette Hanson to a portal between worlds where unseen helpers cater to your specific needs. Up to 1000 Divine and magical ambassadors, avatars, emissaries, celestials and master healers support your personal progress.

Multidimensional Energetics secret is its ability to access Source Intelligence to transform the impact of conditioned consciousness accumulated over many lifetimes. We reach into root layers to unravel the dense patterns held in ancestral histories and clear away the karmic debris that tend to weaken or deplete us. Each session builds upon the next to create a continuous experience — an exploration of your energy anatomy designed to impact change. This is truly multi-dimensional energy work to help you and the planet evolve. It’s mission IS EARTHWORK. As you change, it impacts the whole of the planet.

It all starts the first Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm Central and continues every Tuesday evening.

Join weekly or subscribe to the month long series and receive recorded replays for continued use. The replays lead to deeper movement that participants report as extremely beneficial. A discount is offered to monthly subscribers and those choosing to add a personal session to augment their experience.

Bette Hanson facilitates the sessions as a call to service. She is a seasoned and gifted intuitive, channel and holistic practitioner, skilled and trained in ancient multi dimensional energy modalities to include VortexHealing, the magic of Merlin and Founder of the modern day Mystery School, Devi Earth Magic.


* $15 Per Session
* *$56/65 Monthly Series Package includes recording downloads. Earlybird discount $56 if purchased by the 1st of the month
* $136 Premium Series Package includes above plus a personal 1-1 session
* $56 April Multidimensional Energetic recordings featuring major organs: kidneys, liver, stomach & brain.

RSVP: Email [masked]

Your payment reserves your spot.

• PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mdhealing (adding 4% PayPal surcharge)
• Venmo: @Bette-Hanson
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Upon receipt an email with links to connect to the GoToMeeting video/teleconference will be sent separately.

All fees are due and payable prior to event. All amounts paid are non-refundable and non transferable to other services. This work is not a substitute for medical evaluation or treatment.

Visit http://www.bettehanson.com/group-events.php for bundle packaging with other MDH services and offerings.


“Thanks for all that you are doing! These healing monthly packages have changed my life. Not being overly dramatic either.  I feel like a different person.”

“A thousand thank you’s… For me, I can feel the impact they have on me psycho-spiritually. After each weekly session, I feel dramatically grounded & centered within. Which in turn, makes me feel light-hearted, and more reciprocal with others because I know deep within I am a multi-dimensional being experiencing a life on this material realm.”

“Holy Crap! I was not prepared for that. Completely different from the {last} energy. …Definitely increased vibration throughout my body. Clearly I had a lot to work through. It will be interesting to see how I will react to the replay.”