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TAI CHI & SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – No Fee Introductory Talk & Healing – Colin Snow

August 11, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm CDT

These are some of the questions that will enable this conversation.

So what is spiritual Tai Chi & how does it work as a spiritual practice in todays world?
What are our personal goals or purpose in this lifetime?
What in this moment is the most important thing for you?
If we are not what we think we are, what are we?
Are we living our lives in the bubble of a big lie, a dream state?

Energy healing

Part of the evening will be devoted to an energy healing to support and nourish your spiritual path

Short definition of terms

‘Spiritual awakening’ is a common phrase applied to describing the process of literally waking up from the illusionary beliefs & ideas of who & what we think we are.
Its a worldwide phenomena happening to thousands of people everyday. The most significant thing that can happen to a human being that will never make the headline news.
The word Spiritual when used in this context has no connections with any religious faith or ideological doctrine. It’s simply a word that draws attention towards the exploration of all that relates to spirit. The word Awakening provides us with an image of what happens during the awakening process.
‘The spiritual path of Tai Chi Chuan’ enables the seeker to recognize the divine in oneself & to live in alignment with the formless intelligence that is manifesting as ourselves.
Colin Snow