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The Breathe Well Course – Restoring Healthy Breathing via Buteyko Breath Method

July 23 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm CDT

The Breathe Well Course
– Restoring Healthy Breathing via Buteyko Breathing Method

Where: Holistic Gateway LLC / Center for the Healing Arts
11 Little Canada Rd E, Little Canada, Saint Paul, MN

When: Saturdays July 16th, 23rd, and 30th 2022, at 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Course details: This is a three-week program; Participants attend all three dates as each workshop builds on the previous one. The group is kept intimate with a maximum of 10 participants to allow for individualized attention for each attendee.

Who should attend – how does this workshop benefit participants…?

This course is for anyone who suffers from any of the following health concerns:

· Anxiety and/or panic attacks?
· Asthma, wheezing, or breathlessness?
· Chronically blocked or stuffy nose?
· Sleep apnea?
· Poor sleep quality or insomnia? Do you snore? Are you a light sleeper?
· high blood pressure?
· Chronic allergies and/or hay fever?
· Chronic cough?
· Digestive symptoms, such as IBS, reflux, constipation?
· ‘Long-COVID’ symptoms?
· Are you a mouth-breather (during the day or in your sleep)?
· Do you regularly suffer from colds, flu or constantly feel like you are fighting off a virus?
· Constant fatigue/low energy regardless of how much sleep you get?

This Breathe Well Course offers a holistic and effective approach to addressing an underlying cause of the above health concerns – dysfunctional breathing. Workshop participants will start to notice improvements in their symptoms within days of attending their first workshop session.

Course Instructor:
Beth Joscelyne is an internationally accredited practitioner of Buteyko Breathing Method, and a qualified traditional naturopath & medical herbalist. She first came across Buteyko Breathing Method about 10 years ago; witnessing first-hand the incredible health benefits people experience after attending a workshop. She is the only accredited Buteyko Breathing Method instructor offering in-person workshops in the Twin Cities.

What Participants Learn:
Participants will learn skills and techniques based on Buteyko Breathing Method, to manage, address and resolve breathing-related health symptoms. How we breathe is
absolutely fundamental to our health and wellbeing, and “dysfunctional” breathing is linked to many seemingly unrelated symptoms and body systems.

Participants will come to understand their body better and how it is affected when breathing is dysfunctional. They will also come away with an understanding of common misconceptions about breathing and breathing physiology. Via this method, participants will restore a healthy breathing pattern by resetting the brain’s automated breathing response (utilizing neuroplasticity).

Cost: $395 for the program (includes all three workshops held one week apart). Full payment is due prior to the first workshop.

Take advantage of early bird pricing of $350 (if paid in full two weeks in advance of the first workshop).

To book your spot or find out more information: Contact Beth via [email protected] or on 612 226 4907. Spaces are limited to 10, so book early to avoid disappointment.
More information can be found here: [www.vidanaturopathics.com/buteyko-breathing-method](www.vidanaturopathics.com/buteyko-breathing-method)