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Tools for your Journey to Authenticity

February 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST

Tools for your Journey to Authenticity

I have always been curious for what drives our passion, what makes us function and make the choices we make. What are we informed by? Our higher self or our conditionings and trauma we experienced? Who are we and what importance do Name, Birthdate and where we were born have in expressing of who we are?
This 9 class course is packed with information, insights and knowledge about the different tools that are available to give us insight into who we are and what still has an impact obscuring to see our Authenticity.
Start your Journey here and learn about all the different tools available. You can book separate classes but it will be much more beneficial to go through the whole course. You will also get a 20% discount on your first follow up session if you like to book any with our presenters.

Here a list of tools we will explore and introduce to you:

Febr.11th – Class 1 – Decoding Self Awareness:
> What you think you know about yourself?
> Overview of tools to help you better understand your whole self.
with Cornelia Elsaesser

Febr.18th – Class 2 – Ancestral/Family Constellation
Constellations/ Katherine Curran

Febr.24th – Class 3 – Ancestral/Family Constellation cont. / Katherine Curran

Mar.4th – Class 4 – Numerology / Wes Hamilton

Mar.11th – Class 5 – Breaking Down the History and Foundation of Astrology / Christopher Largent

Mar.18th – Class 6 – Discovering Your Astrology / Cornelia Elsaesser

Mar. 25th – Class 7 – Understanding Your Astrology/ Cornelia Elsaesser

April 1st – Class 8 – Learning about Kirlian Photography / Cornelia Elsaesser

April 8th – Class 9 – Walking In Your Authenticity / Patricia Beck

Please email me your Birth Date, Time and Location if you sign up for the whole series. Send it to [email protected].
You can pay via Check, Paypal or VENMO.
Email me if you have questions and to sign up, you will be given the Zoom Link after payment is made.

Course Cost: $350 / participant ($750 value)
Single evening $45
Course Length: 9 Sessions, 2 hours per session all via Zoom
Thursday February 11th weekly until April 8th