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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing ~ The 5 day Foundational Training

April 15, 2020 @ 9:00 am - April 19, 2020 @ 5:00 pm CDT

Learn to use this popular & transformative form of energy healing that after the initial 5 day training enables you to channel Divine Light with Consciousness.
This 5-day training needs to be taken before any of the other VortexHealing® trainings. It is taught in many locations around the world. No previous experience in healing is required.

Many people learn VortexHealing simply to support their own health or work on their emotional issues. Some want to develop their skills as a healer, while others are drawn to VortexHealing because of the awakening possibilities inherent within this Divine lineage.

A brief description of this Training will not easily convey the depth of it, nor the fact that, for many, it is a life-changing event.

The individual healing tools can be channeled separately or together. Since each form of Vortex Energy has a unique function (to energize, to ground, to nurture, to burn out infection, etc), and since Merlin’s Healing Essence accesses Divine Consciousness, this enables a very wide range of healing possibilities:

* The energy system as a whole, or specific parts of it, can be deeply energized (or grounded, or nurtured, or transformed, etc.).
* The meridian system can be cleared and harmonized.
* ‘Karma knots’ (which are a core support for karmic & emotional issues, held in the karmic body) can be cleared.
* Deep clearings can be done through the subtle energetic bodies, chakras and physical issues
* Both emotional and physical issues can be deeply impacted by this work.
* This healing can be done on yourself or others, in person or at a distance.

In addition there are other transformative processes that are taught in class:

* You learn how to get information from Divine Presence.
* You learn meditations for connecting more deeply with Divine Presence and for opening the spiritual heart.
* You recreate your Grounding Cord, which grounds you to the core of the earth and strengthens you. (Everyone is born with a grounding cord, but in the West, almost everyone loses it by the time they are 4 years old.)
* You learn how to bring focus to the 3rd eye.
* You receive a lot of detailed information about our energy system and about how our issues become embedded in it.
* You enter a fast-track program for spiritual awakening, generated by the Divine Source of this lineage, so that you can have that awakening (which we call ‘losing the Core Veil’) in this lifetime.

During this Training there will be hands-on healing practice, both in healing oneself and others.

Early Bird Registration for this Unique 5 day Course is open now.
You can register online directly with the Vortex Teacher, Gailynn, by using this link : https://gailynncarroll.com/registration

For more information you can contact the Minneapolis Organizer & Host,
Colin Snow, Advanced VortexHealing Practitioner
https://www.colinsnowhealing.com or Call 612 900 6755

For more information about VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing visit their website : https://www.vortexhealing.org

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of The R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

VortexHealing® is a complementary energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.