Rebecca Doyle

2020, St Paul, MN

A fierce… thinker / MAKER and peace / clan-KEEPER

Lover of…liquid lines / LAYERS / process

Threads of Time

Grew up in a suburban BUBBLE, 30 minutes N of Twin Cities, MN, USA

ELDEST of 4 siblings in my ZANY family (4 out of 6 = lefties / ASD spectrum lights)

HOMESCHOOLING two for 6yrs + family CARE-taking consumes me, in the BEST way possible

Freelance GRAPHICS / interior DESIGN consulting (local women start-ups)

Design-BUILD (historical HOUSE turned YOGA STUDIO) + wall MURAL paintings

Rhode Island School of Design – ’97 BA Interior Architecture / FINE ART

Filament Extras…

To learn more about each work’s background story: (finished works) (in process sequences)


Featured Work

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