Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Wildfire

A Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chelsey Wildfire brings a unique flare of knowledge, spiritual guidance and self-love techniques. She has a background in yoga, embodiment coaching, reiki and women’s circles paired with her traveling and own healing journey. The way she combines energy medicine by using shamanic tools to bring the soul through a journey within and without is powerful yet blissful. Her ability to hold space for large groups through deep ceremony and transformation has been deeply appreciated for many years now.

Her services include Soul Sessions, Women’s Circles, Ceremonies and Coaching. A lot of her work has been based in the feminine, with women’s circles and coaching, however relates to the core of all. Topics she is well versed in are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, and feminine energy. If any of these interest you please book a session or a clarity call with the links below.

Energy Medicine, Ceremonies and Women’s Healing.

Energy Medicine and Soul Sessions

This is a one of a kind healing experience that anchors you into your body, gets into core wounds on subtle energetic levels and the conscious thought process. The sessions include meditation, visualization, reiki/ energy work, sound healing and soul retrieval. Each session is unique to the client but tools used may be essential oils, bells, crystals, singing bowls, feathers and drums. This way the energetic field and physical are both stimulated while Chelsey walks you through healing processes. These sessions help you feel relaxed, grounded, safe, balanced, and refreshed afterwards.

  • 60 minutes for $125
  • 3 sessions for $333

Soul Work Extended Journey

If you are ready for deep inner transformation with weekly coaching calls, Soul Sessions and ceremonies this may be it for you!

Chelsey offers a 3 month program through one’s own darkness and fear, through the flames of self growth into the light of confidence and self-love. Her expertise in embodiment practices, boundaries, magnetism, inner child healing and shame work are just the beginning. If you are ready for a Soul Guide please book a clarity call below to discuss the details.


The power of group work is unexplainable, sharing stories, connecting and seeing that we all are in this together is so important. Chelsey hosts events, workshops and Ceremonies often. Topics covered are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, feminine energy plus much more. Each Ceremony will be centered in love, earth, wind, air and fire to create an interactive experience to guide people deeper on their healing journey. Specific Ceremonies will happen often through events at Holistic Gateway. Personalized options and availability to do for yourself or own group is possible too. Please just reach out for more information and questions.

Hosting Women’s Circles

Each month there will be a gathering of sisters in a safe space to connect, learn and grow. Each circle will have a different theme such as Manifestation, Womb Wisdom, Self-Love, Shadow Work and more.

This space is created to build a strong community of women who can come back to themselves and the divine feminine within them. Having this support system allows such deeper growth and more love to surround you.