Chelsey WildFire

Chelsey 'Wildfire' Krecklau

Chelsey 'Wildfire' Krecklau

Chelsey WildFire is a Transformational Coach, Women’s Circle Creatrix, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Guide, and a Yoga Teacher. She hosts Women’s Circles monthly, online and in person, in the Minneapolis area. She also hosts powerful Goddess Ceremony Retreats and personal growth workshops across the US. It is her goal to Ignite the fire within you to move you forward on your soul path. Her passionate essence, authentic truth and nurturing nature is felt easily. She provides one on one work and group support. Please feel free to reach out to her for anything.  

Reiki and intuitive healing

Chelsey’s offerings include Reiki and intuitive healing: A relaxing, grounding experience to help soothe the soul. A gentle energy healing, checking the chakras and balancing the energetic field. There may be uses of tools such as crystals, feathers for cord-cutting or singing bowls to clear stagnated energy. Each session is a little different as she moves with the flow of what the energy body needs.

$80 for an hour, 60 for 30 minutes

Transformational Coaching

Chelsey guides you through your own experience of what your heart and soul really needs. This type of coaching is about embracing the feminine flow within, tapping into your body deeper and feeling more. Different processes are used to move stuck energy, understand more of your limiting beliefs, mother wound, and setting boundaries. Much more can be accomplished too. Feel free to book a 20 to 30 minute discover call to discuss the ways she can help.

Single session is $100 for an hour but larger packages are available for a 6 week journey.

Hosting Women’s Circles

Each month there will be a gathering of sisters in a safe space to connect, learn and grow. Each circle will have a different theme such as Manifestation, Womb Wisdom, Self-Love, Shadow Work and more.

This space is created to build a strong community of women who can come back to themselves and the divine feminine within them. Having this support system allows such deeper growth and more love to surround you.