Josephine Stromseth

Josephine Stromseth

Yoga Instructor, Art Instructor

My name is Josie Stromseth and I am trained and registered as an Art Therapist and yoga teacher. I studied, trained, and graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA with a Masters in the Science of Art Therapy and Mental health in 2015. Since then, I have continued learning and working with high level trauma populations (psychiatric facilities, in-home therapy programming, medical trauma, familial and relationship emotional reactivity, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and psychological Trauma, etc) of all ages. The years and continues learning has lead me to feeling like I can serve with more integrity if I step out of a clinical setting to a more wholistic approach to healing and living well; integrating more depth of skill in the role the body plays in our ability to emotionally regulate and feel safe enough to be present in our own lives. I specialize in work with individuals wishing to integrate trauma, and with emotionally reactive children and their caregivers.

This is my intention in my practice:

“Practicing integrity as I nature a deep belonging to myself and holding space for others to do the same; dedicated to relating, creating, and integrating with safety, sovereignty, and joy.”

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I look forward to creating with you,

Josie Stromseth, MS, ATR, RYT
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More About Josie

Using various art practices and materials we can learn how we can respect the process of creating and destroying who we allow ourselves to be over and over as a means of transformation. This process can allow us to recognize and release our conditioned beliefs and behaviors rather than believing we could ever reach peak “perfection” and stay there for the rest of our lives. In art therapy we can learn to be curious about our natural sensory tendencies are and learn how we can use those strengths as our foundation as we expand to experimenting with other ways of knowing and creating. We can learn to thrive amidst confusion, ambiguity, and deep deep grief by experientially learning how to be present and expand our nervous systems capacity for the lived human experience.

I became a certified yoga instructor though Yess Yoga in Minneapolis after learning about yin yoga from my own chiropractor/acupuncturist/somatic experiencing therapist. I continue to find a deep gratitude for this practice in that it teaches us how to be present with our bodies and feelings to expand our capacity for discomfort. Dedication to this practice can promote awareness and opportunities to thrive amidst discomfort and learn to recognize actual harm or danger more clearly. I prefer to teach yin and restorative yoga as a means of learning how we can stay present in our bodies and learn how we can build new pathways of movement through allowing fascial release via tension and compression of our connective tissues. I consider the metaphors of the practice relevant to learning how we might stretch our hearts, minds, and spirits as well so we might take these messages with us into our daily lived lives.

In my therapy practice I use combinations of art processes and symbols to stimulate and ground opportunities for growth or acceptance, body awareness through breathing and yoga, and various nature-based and pattern-based ritual practices to integrate the experience of wholeness in the human experience. Im also interested in using the astrological birth chart as a way to make sense of and embody the narrative of ones lived experiences. Using all of these practices together we can start to notice the ways in which we already show up in our own lives and start to allow ourselves compassion as we learn to show up authentically in our lived daily experiences. We learn how to hold ourselves gently in our own sovereignty and safety so we might be able to learn about what it means to be alive while we are living, and how we might show up for real connection in the lives of others.

Areas of continuing education and importance for me are trauma and the somatic experience, Generational trauma, the role of ancestors and our role as future ancestors, how we can use astrological birth charts as a tool for making sense of and telling our stories, nature-based practices, growing our own food, gift-giving culture, how growth includes knowing when to rest, natural medicines, and how we can learn to build a bridge of trust and safety between indigenous and modern medicine culture and practice for the benefit of all peoples.

Upcoming Event:

“The One in the Same Collection”Art Exhibition featuring Art Therapy-based works created by Josie Stromseth, MS, ATR, RYT