Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy with Amorphous Crystals

From the “pure’ crystal to a therapeutic medium

I have to admit it is a rather radical idea to enrich ‘empty’ artificial crystal glass with specific information that then can regulate disrupted harmonic patterns in the human being through the principle of resonance. But looked at on the background of traditional and new knowledge it does not seem nearly as preposterous. On the contrary, if you really look at it, it is the logical development of our modern knowledge away from the ‘focus high-tech’ to the ‘focus human being’. Today we can be certain that this idea is correct.

The goal of our analysis was to use different cut crystals on certain reflex zones of the human body and to stimulate the self-healing properties. Natural crystals did not seem fit for this purpose due to very specific reasons. Peter Mandel had the intention of imbuing artificial (amorphous) blank crystals with distinct holographic patterns and colors. A crystal activator and the facetted crystals were manufactured precisely according to Peter Mandel’s blueprints.

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