Esogetic Colorpuncture

Esogetic Colorpuncture is an advanced healing technology, in which gentle, noninvasive vibrations of colored light are applied to the body via acu-points on the skin. Developed by a well-known German naturopath named Peter Mandel, this system combines ancient esoteric or spiritual healing principles with concepts of Chinese medicine and modern light biophysics.

The system includes treatments that support the natural healing capacities of the body, as well as treatments designed to address the psycho-spiritual roots of sickness and pain. As therapy for the future, light and color will be important factors in the medicine of the future. Without light, the entire cellular metabolism and the communication among cells and cell conglomerates would not be possible.

We are able to trace trajectories of light in the body that are exactly correlating to the meridians as they have been described in traditional Chinese medicine. Our body is basically a photovoltaic cell, which is being supplied with energy and information through the Light and Color. In order to stimulate the self-regulatory mechanisms of the organism, colorpuncture introduces a type of balancing information into the body. The stimulation of sensitive skin areas and points is conducted with different therapeutic colors.

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