“Works like the brain”

Life is rhythm. We are constantly subject to the rhythms of day and night, the change of the seasons, tension and relaxation, and the changing rhythms of our brainwaves. It is no longer a secret that each impulse outside or inside of our bodies has to somehow be processed by our consciousness. Therefore, it is not far fetched to think that health and medical conditions are corresponding to changes in the natural brain rhythms

Cause and effect of “wrong” rhythms

A change in our brain rhythm can be the precursor to a change in our well-being. Our brain oscillates “wrong”. Over time it forgets to adapt to a natural change in the rhythmic behavior, which, depending on the situation, tunes itself to rest, relaxation, concentration or tension. The result: Our inner rhythm no longer corresponds to the outer. The stress which we are experiencing due to overwork, success pressures, loss or unfinished business automatically increases our brain frequencies. We are constantly on alert. The brain is working in high gear all the time. The desire to just relax and let it all go can barely be fulfilled any longer. Permanent tension turns into conflict tension, and at that point our brain loses its original rhythmic reference.

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